Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ah, we should have turned there....

Despite it looking like it was going to be a poor-weather weekend (as Sydney likes to do), the rain stayed away today and we got to ride Loftus Oval again. This time, however, we had a goal: to find the missing 7kms! (approx)

"7kms? How do you loose 7kms?" I hear you say! Well, during the week, I had a closer look at the data I collected during the last ride and realised that we'd only ridden 18.2kms. After scratching my head a little, I discovered that the course file I had downloaded to my GPS unit (which I'll be sure to blog/gloat about soon) was missing a whole section. Doh! A quick search using our friend Google and a new course file had been downloaded.

To give you an idea of the differences, here are screenshots of the ride on Google Maps.

Short Ride
Longer Ride

You can easily see that we'd missed whole additional sections of the course. The new bits were mainly fire trail, some nice downhill bits and of course some great hill climbs but they definitely added to the appeal of this track.

The awesome views helped too.

Another great morning out on the bike!

P.S Full details of the ride are available here on Garmin Connect.


  1. The short ride was actually missing 2 sections, one at the northern end of the ride near the visitor centre, and another at the Heathcote end.

  2. Okay, so I do need to learn about how you did this with google maps. Looking forward to the blog about your GPS thing. Great photos.

  3. Ok, sorry Damo, should have read "missing whole sections".

    Jenny, will be saving the GPS post for a "news-slow week" ;-)